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Let's Start Thinking Differently So We Can Start Feeling Differently - by Jan Tincher

When a person thinks positive thoughts he is not just thinking positive thoughts, he is changing the chemicals in his body.

How is this true?

Your mind affects every cell in your body. If you want to get well, you had better start thinking well thoughts. What do I mean?

Well, how do you think these thoughts are affecting your body? "I don't feel so good." "I get a cold every year just about this time." "They say the flu is going around." "Whenever I go out in the wind, I end up with an ear ache." "Whenever I go swimming, I get "swimmer's ear"."

You can only think one thing at a time. What you think affects your body - every cell of your body.

How about this? If you are thinking bad thoughts, are you smiling or frowning? You don't consciously say "I'm thinking bad thoughts. I'd better frown." Do you? No, I don't think so. You just automatically frown because of your thoughts and the picture you are making in your mind.

Remember, when you say something often enough, and with feeling, your brain has no recourse but to bring it into your reality. Why? Because the more you say it, the more you think it, the more you attract it. Do you want it in your life?

Do some of these sentences sound familiar?

"That guy gives me a pain in the back side." You've been saying it (or a variation of it) since you were a teenager, and now you wonder why in the world you have a bad back. Usually the lower back, right?

"I'm an accident waiting to happen." And you wonder why accidents happen to you? If you say stuff like that, think for a moment about what's more important. Making a joke, or staying healthy. Whichever decision you've made, pay attention. Your brain is listening.

Do you want to stay well? It's true that you can only think one thing at a time. What are you thinking?

Here is a technique to use that will help.

Take ten minutes and only think positive thoughts. For the full ten minutes, hear, feel, see, taste, smell everything there is that has to do with this positive thought and picture.

You will know you have succeeded in this project if, after a day or so, your mind goes back to those thoughts you've been thinking for ten minutes at a time and you smile.

If you really want to make changes, do this three times a day, for five to fifteen minutes each time. Most people feel a shift after the first week. You will feel lighter and happier. If you are looking for it, you will see changes in your life.

Jan Tincher, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and nationally recognized expert in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, teaches strategies and techniques that help people live better, happier lives, She studied under Richard Bandler and best-selling author, Anthony Robbins, and has had a successful practice for over 13 years. She has written hundreds of articles that show people how to work successfully with relationships, stress, weight, success, growing older, depression, fear, health, and much more. Click here