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My Thoughts On ... Judgment - by Pat Campbell

This article is not meant to be a criticism or judgment, merely an observation. And what I have observed is that many people who claim to be spiritual beings intent on both finding and living the truth are in fact very quick to jump on the "fear" bandwagon. They believe everything that the media disperses without question (and then get themselves into a panic because the world is about to end or they will surely get swine flu if they venture outside their home). And then there are others who may not take the fear on board but make judgment against perceived wrongdoers. To my way of thinking, both these attitudes are quite unspiritual.

Of course none of us are perfect and we are bound to get some things wrong during the course of our learning while we are here on earth in our adopted human bodies. But I can't see how anyone can claim to be spiritual, regardless of how much knowledge they may possess, if they are not endeavouring to live their lives in a spiritual manner. And that involves releasing all judgments against others no matter what they may or may not have done. Of course sometimes that can be difficult but that is what we should work towards.

This doesn't mean that we have to condone everything that happens in our lives but we do need to accept that we all have different missions to complete and sometimes those missions involve acting in ways that are not generally acceptable. If we do feel judgmental or negative thoughts about any situation we shouldn't be talking about it or spreading it all over the internet like so many do. The problem is not the perceived wrongdoing; the problem is ourselves. If someone or something "rubs you up the wrong way", then it is up to you to figure out why you feel like that, not to get on your soapbox and denounce someone or something as being bad or evil. Whatever they are doing is not directed at you personally to make your life a misery; it is merely a learning experience that you have encountered.