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My Thoughts On ... Spirituality - by Pat Campbell

Many people are put off by the term "spirituality" because they think it implies strict adherence to a religion. But this isn't true! Now a religious devotee can be spiritual but so can those with just a casual attitude towards religion and/or a vague sort of belief in God or "The Universe". There are even spiritual agnostics. Even though an agnostic is basically a non believer, they maintain an attitude of flexibility; for them everything is a "maybe". But I would say that atheists are very limited spiritually, not so much because of their non belief but because of their stubbornness to accept other possibilities. It usually takes a traumatic event of immense proportions to turn their thinking around!

Being spiritual is not related to a particular belief system; it is the way you endeavour to live your life. This can be based on Christian values, Buddhist precepts or merely an innate sense of what is good and right! All religions teach the value of positive qualities but many people develop these qualities without religious input. A person whose day to day life revolves around love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude is living spiritually no matter how they have developed those qualities. And if that is all you do then you have done very well for this lifetime!

But one can go further than this! One can aim to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. This does involve a lot of dedication, open mindedness and total flexibility because there will be many dramas as all the bad karma from past lifetimes is dug up and dealt with during the process of understanding duality. And many times your beliefs will be totally turned on end or your life will be uprooted when you least expect it. It can also be a solitary journey. But it is not a chore or hardship; it is very soul satisfying and for me it is as addictive as a drug! Once I started to learn a few truths it became an unstoppable force within me!

This is my last lifetime here on earth! Fortunately I am living to a very old age, as there is still a lot to do, learn and experience. I know that I do have free will and can choose to leave earlier and come back again to finish my lessons. But I want to honour what my soul chose for me and that is to become enlightened this lifetime.