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My Thoughts On ... Living And Dying - by Pat Campbell

When we die we all return to spirit from where we came. It makes no difference what your spiritual belief is there is only one possible destination. But if you do believe in a life beyond this human one then your existence here on earth will be a much better experience as you will access greater knowledge and wisdom.

The "dying" experience will not be exactly the same for each of us as our perceptions, culture and upbringing are different. But just as in our human life, our thoughts create our future, so it is in regards to our thoughts about dying. Having positive thoughts about the dying process (which is really only a transformation in a similar fashion to a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly) will greatly enhance the experience.

For many of us this is our last life here on earth. Throughout human existence only a small number of people have reached enlightenment at any given time. But it is not so now. In this period of awakening spiritual consciousness many people are realising that the purpose of human life is to experience, to learn and to teach. It is not about status, power and possessions unless these attributes are used to help more people to "wake up" and remember who they really are.

Life is not all serious though. There are lessons to be learnt even while having fun, relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family. In fact it is through relationships with others that we do our greatest learning. But stay awake and aware because you never know where the next bit of wisdom will come from.