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My Thoughts On ... Human And Spiritual Consciousness - by Pat Campbell

I struggled for a long time to reconcile the Bible with scientific evidence. Often the views of science and theology are very opposed.

Now the Bible says that Adam and Eve were the first people on earth and theologists say that this occurred around 8,000 years ago. But science says that Neanderthal man and Stone Age man lived more than 50,000 years ago. Certainly very different schools of thought! But I came to realise that both opinions could be correct in a sense if we look beyond a literal interpretation. I think that its quite possible that humans residing before Adam and Eve operated on animal instincts and did not possess a conscience or a consciousness. I believe that Adam and Eve were the first to really know that they were human (the raising of human consciousness) and the eating of the apple to be symbolic of their awakening.

Many thousands of years later, we are in a new period where our spiritual consciousness is being raised. Except this time there was not one symbolic event to indicate the start of this era; it has been gradually happening over a long period of time but only a few select individuals made significant progress. In recent years this has accelerated exponentially. We as conscious humans are coming to realise that in fact we aren't really humans at all, we are spiritual beings who are using human bodies to expand our experiences. Many people are undergoing rapid spiritual growth, developing their psychic ability, relying more on their intuition than their logical minds and generally becoming more aware that we can no longer continue in the same way we have been. Where will these revelations lead us? I believe to a better world, where peace reigns and there is abundance for all. Is this a pipe dream? I donít think so. But only time will tell.