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Truth About the World and Myth of Changing It - by Enoch Tan

We have been taught that one of the greatest aspirations a human being can live up to is to change the world. It seems like the most noble cause of all. But most people who try to change the world are not doing it in the right way, in fact they are actually making things worse. It is because most people don't know the truth about the world and the myth of changing it. There is a reason why the world is the way it is, and when we learn to see it, we become enlightened about the illusion and how to be free of it.

The single reason that explains the state of the world is that we create our reality. The world is the way it is because of collective consciousness. Therefore the only way for the world to change is for collective consciousness to change. Most people who seek to change the world without working on the consciousness of the people correctly actually create adverse change instead of positive change. People have what they have because they create it. If they want anything, they have to create it for themselves.

Some people think that the way to help those who have less is to take from those who have more. They think that the gap between the rich and the poor is bad and they try to narrow it. They form laws to create greater equality between people in society. But the truth is people will never be equal. The rich are rich because they ask to be rich. The poor and stupid are poor and stupid because they ask to be poor and stupid. Trying to make them equal will make things worse for both. It is a pointless pursuit.

Laws and systems are created to take money from the productive and enterprising people of society and give it to the useless and "needy" people just to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. These cause the useless and needy to continue being useless and needy because of free government handouts, while making it harder and less motivating for the productive and enterprising. It's like communism which takes from those who have more and give to those who have less all in the name of "equality".

The poor and stupid have to wake up their ideas before they can become rich, but many are just too lazy to do so. It is not our problem to solve world poverty by giving them money. It is their problem to wake up their ideas and stop being stupid and lazy, and being jealous and complaining to government about the rich, and how unfair and lousy their own life is. The only use for such people is to make them work, consume and sleep. They are unwilling to do what it takes to create a life of wealth, they truly deserve.

It is the law of humanity that the stupid will and should always be made use of by the intelligent. Since stupid people waste money and do stupid things with their lives, they might as well give money to the intelligent and do work for them instead. Stupid people cannot be told what to do with their lives, because they simply won't listen! It is enough to create a system where they are given something to do and to pay them the minimum amount that will keep them comfortable since they do not ask for more.

The poor and stupid may think they are asking for more, but they are not asking for more from themselves. They ask the minimum from themselves and that is why they get the minimum out of life. Success is not for the unworthy. Those who succeed are those who choose to create it for themselves. Those who take the easy way choose to follow another man's system. Creating your own system is the way to riches, and it requires thinking. Most people don't make the effort to think, so they don't grow rich.

As long as the current world exists, there will always be poor people which create world poverty. Christ said the poor you will always have with you, therefore trying to stop people from being poor is futile. They will just continue being poor until they decide to be rich. Don't anyhow give money to charity. Give to where you know is worth giving to. Most charities actually worsen the problem than solve it. A large portion of money is wasted on pointless pursuits. The remaining keeps most people in their problems.

Take for example a scenario where there are "homeless" people sleeping in cardboard houses. Some well meaning but ignorant person tries to help by getting the media to film such conditions. Viewers then donate lots of money which is used to create free shelter and food. But then people who are only slightly uncomfortable come and stay in the shelters and eat the free food. Then the media spread the message for more funds for a growing problem, when they are the ones actually creating the problem.

Only a very small percentage of money in charities is actually used to give immediate and genuine relief. If people had no money to solve their "problems" they would be forced to find better and costless ways to solve it. Most heath problems do not require drugs to resolve. Drugs actually worsen health problems. Cancer is the result of people having emotional and thinking problems. If people get their lives in order instead of wasting money on therapy and surgery, their cancer will automatically disappear.

Money is meant to create things for the advancement of humankind, not wasted on fixing stuff that does not need money to fix. Knowing the truth about the world and the myth of changing it allows you to follow the principle of non interference. It empowers you with the prudence to keep the bulk of your wealth and gives you the guilt free way of living your life as you please. Do not seek to change the world. Seek to transcend and master it. Then can you truly be a difference in this world in the greatest way.

Enoch Tan aims to help people achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life, to evolve human consciousness to higher levels and to revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality, because that's what governs every area of life and destiny. Enoch Tan has a personal website: Enoch Tan Discover the Greatest Secrets of the Mind and Reality That Will Get You Anything You Desire, Almost like Magic!

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