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The Greatest Secrets Of Life And Reality Revealed

The secret of wealth is consciousness of wealth. In order to experience abundance, you have to be abundant. Abundance is your true nature, and when you think, act and live according to it, you will manifest abundance. The rich in mentality get richer while the poor in mentality get poorer. The accumulation of material wealth begins with wealth consciousness. Pursuing spiritual development before working on wealth creation is the key to attaining both inner and outer riches. The outer is reflection of inner ...

The secret of health is consciousness of health. Disease is a lack of ease psychologically and physically. Conflicting thoughts and feelings in your consciousness is what causes this state of distress. When you notice yourself becoming sick, watch for conflicting thoughts that have arisen within your consciousness and resolve them. Either push them all one way or the other, or find a way to hold them in a harmonious way. External remedies only cure symptoms but dealing with consciousness cures at root ...

The secret of secrets is the consciousness of secrets. All the truths about life are not secrets, but they are hidden from us due to our ignorance. By thinking about the discovery of truths as a search for the secrets, we motivate our subconscious mind to go on a treasure hunt. The greatest treasure in this world is wisdom, and life is to be played as a treasure hunting game. Treasures are meant to be appreciated and so when you think of truths as secrets, your appreciative mindset will draw them all to you ...

The Secrets Of Manipulating Time With Consciousness

Time in the physical universe is imaginary because you are not traveling in a single timeline towards a single temporal future version of the universe. There are multiple time streams ahead that the physical universe can travel towards. All these time streams exist in superposition in connection with our physical present. In the etheric realm we can observe many versions of space but only one version of time. In the physical world we can observe many versions of the future but only one version of space ...

It is the point of choice that creates probable future universes. A choice is an alternative. The moment the condition of choice occurs, the time stream is split into two or more separate time streams. Each probable future universe communicates with our physical present through emotion. The stronger a probable future is, the stronger we feel the pull towards choosing it. This can be good if it is the future we want. But in cases where it isnít so, we need to use will power to choose a different probable future ...

When we deliberately think upon a desired probable future, we put in energy and thereby making it stronger. Soon, the pull towards it becomes the strongest, and by law of attraction our present physical universe would be pulled in its direction. That is why to be a conscious creator of our reality is to create deliberately. It is not enough to choose positive thoughts and feelings. We must also choose them in the face of conflicting signs and contradictory circumstances. Such is the power of willful intentions ...

Possess Godlike Power By Knowing Secret Knowledge

The most direct path to enlightenment is the path of insight. Since enlightenment is seeing through illusions into reality, knowledge gives you instant realization of what is illusion and what is reality. It is to become conscious and aware about what is and how things work. The way to knowledge is through learning and thinking. You cannot learn without thinking and you cannot expand your thinking without learning. Knowing fully the ultimate goodness of the universe gives you complete certainty of goodness ...

Experiencing Nirvana makes you feel like the luckiest and the happiest person on earth. You realize that the whole universe belongs to you and that you are a master of life. There is no one else like you and who has what you have. It is the feeling of having arrived and being there to stay forever. You feel that your life is in the best possible state there is and will continue to be the best onwards. You no longer have to go through ups and downs like the rest but you live on a plane that is continually ascending ...

You have to be wise about a plane of reality in order to rule in it. To function to the fullest of your capabilities in this world, it is not enough to be heavenly wise. You also have to be worldly wise. When you have heavenly and worldly wisdom, you are able to wield the full power of a god in this world. You can truly attain everything you want here. The higher and lower aspects of enlightenment give you full enlightenment. Combine things superior and things inferior and you obtain the glory of the whole world ...

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