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Which Is More Effective For Affirmations Recordings: Your Own Voice Or Someone Else's? - by Bill Marshall

This is a question that comes up a lot. Are affirmations that you record in your own voice more effective for you than affirmations recorded by someone else? Perhaps it may make a difference ó if you really follow through and record a lot of affirmations. I can tell you that to record a large number of affirmations is a lot of work. I'm not certain that it makes much difference to hear them in your own voice.

Why do I think that there's not much difference in results? Take for example the general self-help recordings produced by a wide variety of people. For example, people like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Zigar, or Brian Tracy. Iíve listened to recordings by these authors/speakers for years. Even though they are not affirmations, I have actually used them like affirmations by hitting the rewind button and listening to the same points over and over again (especially Tony Robbins' Personal Power program). That's actually how I got the idea for the Power Affirmations program.

In fact, I think that having access to material recorded by someone else was actually superior in my case for the following reasons:

  1. The recordings were readily available. I could get started fast. For example, years ago, I started to make my own recording of "Think and Grow Rich". After recording only a few pages, I was so unsatisfied with the results that I quickly gave up. I knew it wasn't going to work. I did some searching and discovered that there was a complete set of tapes that was readily available. When I got them, I listened, and listened, and listened some more. It was so much easier. I finally wore the tapes out and purchased a new set when it was available on CD. My initial positive response with the audio recordings of "Think and Grow Rich" and Zig Ziglar's "Secrets of Closing the Sale" sold me on a lifetime of audio learning. Had I tried to record all of this material myself just to have it in my own voice would have been impossible (as well as unnecessary).

  2. The other people who make the recordings had a delivery that inspired confidence and conviction. I found it to be extremely helpful to listen to people who are truly convinced of what they have to say and deliver their message with passion. Their delivery helps to transfer some of their faith and confidence to me.

  3. Recordings in another voice can act as "a voice of authority". It's interesting how this can have a powerful subconscious impact on our thoughts. Sometimes we believe something more strongly simply because a person we respect and admire has planted that idea inside our minds. You see it with children and their parents, industry experts, motivational speakers, etc.

  4. I found that by listening to the recordings repeatedly, over time, their voice became my voice. Their words became my words. Their thoughts became my thoughts. Listening to these speakers completely changed how I spoke to myself ó the words and the tone. And that continues to transform my life even to this day. This is what I expect these recordings to do for you (when you listen repeatedly).

It seems to me that the real question is whether or not you will receive outstanding results from listening to someone else. I think that the answer is absolutely yes - you can get outstanding results listening to affirmations recorded by someone else ó if you listen repeatedly. Just think of all the commercials we are exposed to on a regular basis. Through repetition, they influence us to spend billions of dollars on their products and services. In that case, you canít choose the message that they are communicating to you. When you select a self-help audio program, you can choose the message you want to listen to in advance.

If you want to record your own affirmations, then go for it. Just make certain you follow through. I just want you to have an additional perspective to think about. What really matters is getting a lot of content that can be repeated over and over again. But if someone has already done recording and editing work, and they are quality recordings for a reasonable price, you will probably find it easier and faster to use what is already available. Why try to re-create the wheel?

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall - All rights reserved.

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