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Procrastination Breakthrough: If You Intend to Do It, Do It Now! - by Bill Marshall

If there is one quality that successful people have, it is a bias towards taking positive action. Once they reach a decision that they are going to do something, they take action. And they take it fast. They don't beat around the bush. They have trained themselves to avoid procrastination like the plague. Whether it's writing an article, doing their taxes, getting organized, or making a purchase, once they decide to do something, they take some kind of immediate action.

This does not mean that they are rash. They think through their decisions. But once the decision has been made, they know it's time for intelligent action at the soonest possible opportunity.

Some years ago, I read a self-help book (I think it may have been one of the lesser known titles by Napoleon Hill), where the author explored the virtues of adopting the motto: Do it now! Since then, I've used it almost daily to great effect. Of course, you can't do everything "now" - wouldn't that be great! But when you recognize that a goal is important, there is almost always something you can do within a very short period of time.

Recently, it occurred to me that some people may find the "do it now" mantra a bit too pushy. Some people may think that it implies that they should take action without thinking. As I mention in the previous paragraph, that's certainly not the case. So, to gain wider acceptance of this idea, I've added the phrase "if you intend to do it ...". What this really means is that if you have gone through the decision making process, and you have decided to take action - then just get started. As soon as you get started, you begin to build momentum. Once you build momentum, you find yourself taking one step after another in the direction of your goal. If you persist long enough (whether a few minutes, or a few years if it is a big goal, you will eventually reach the end destination: the attainment of the goal.

Here is an important thought: all we really have is now. Yesterday is gone forever. All you can profitably get from yesterday is to learn from it. Tomorrow (even the next moment) is only a promise. You can plan for tomorrow (and you should), but you can't act in that moment until it arrives. There is one, and only one moment in which you can live and act. And that moment is now.

So, take in the relevant facts. Go through an intelligent decision making process. But once you have reached the point where you "intend" to take action, then get started as quickly as possible and follow the task through to completion.

Do this consistently and the odds that you will achieve great success will significantly improve.

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall - All rights reserved.

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