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Do Power Affirmations Really Work? - by Bill Marshall

Recently I responded to an email that posed the question, "How well do these affirmations really work?" Below is the response that I sent the person who asked the question. There are a number of important points that will be helpful to others, so I'm reprinting the information. Here it is ...

The answer is that it depends on you and how well you apply them. One person can take a single principle outlined in the affirmations and become so inspired that they make millions. Others can listen to all of the affirmations a couple of times and do nothing with them. Sorry I can't be more definite than that, but that's the truth.

I think that the better question to ask is, "Are the Power Affirmations based on sound principles that can lead to success?" The answer is absolutely. Here are some of the primary principles that they are based on:

  1. The Power Affirmations are stated in the positive. We become what we think about most of the time - our dominating thoughts.

  2. The power of repetition of positive thought and suggestion. Repetition combined with belief and a positive enthusiasm is the fastest way to condition your subconscious mind. The whole advertising industry is based upon repetition of suggestive thought aimed at getting people to buy their products. Does it work? Just take a look at the trillions of dollars Americans spend each year largely as the result of billions of dollars spent on advertising. Successful business people are not stupid. They spend a lot of money on advertising because they know repetition of thought leads to people taking action to buy their products.

  3. These power affirmations are foundational. As you listen to the power affirmations, you will find that there is a natural progression to the thoughts within the sections or ("disks") and the sections themselves. This is not by accident. I initially created the program for myself with no intention of selling it or even sharing it with others. I went through the books that had the greatest impact on my life and extracted the primary points that I wanted to condition in my mind and translated them into Power Affirmations.

  4. The power of multisensory learning. What do I mean by this? We have 5 senses - sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. The more of the senses you can involve in learning, mixed with repetition and emotion, the faster you will learn. With the Power Affirmation recordings, you have an easy way to involve the senses of sound, sight, and touch (or feeling). Sound is obvious. You can involve the sense of sight by using the power affirmation posters or screen savers. Or just by looking at the list of affirmations in the eBook. Even more powerfully, using your creative vision and imagination. Feeling is involved when you add "physiology" - such as moving your body with a feeling of certainty as you listen to or repeat the Power Affirmations. Tony Robins talks a lot about that concept in his books and seminars.

  5. These affirmations are general. While there are specific concepts, there is no mention of specific goals or amounts of money, etc. Again this is by design so that anyone can use them. As you get better with using affirmations and more familiar with the language patterns, you will want to create specific Power Affirmations for your own situation - especially setting your Definite Major Purpose or Mission in life. For example, one of my personal power affirmations is related to reaching over 1,000,000 people with my free affirmations eBook and website by March 31, 2008. Or someone may want to target a specific weight amount if they are overweight. But you have to learn to walk before you can run - and that's where these affirmation recordings excel. You have to condition your mind so that your predominating thoughts are of success, health, happiness, prosperity, etc in order for more specific affirmations to be effective. Then add power affirmations based on specific goals.

  6. It's best to use the affirmations in conjunction with a goal planning system. This is why I include an explanation of my RAP planning system in my eBook. It's simple, but effective. That's because you are organizing your plans on a daily basis around specific goals and measuring your progress daily. Even though the explanation of the system is only a few pages, this alone could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to you. Why do I say that? I personally spent years of study and trial and error and thousands of dollars trying to find a way to plan and manage my life and my time. This is the ONLY system I have been able to consistently use (for several years now) to consistently achieve my goals. The key here is that the daily plans are ORGANIZED. While using a "to do" list is better than nothing, it's generally ineffective and worse leads to stress and overwhelm. If you have any ambition (and obviously you do), if you create a random list of things you have to do and want to do, it will quickly become overwhelming if you don't find a way to organize it. By the way, the idea for RAP came to me in a flash of inspiration while I was listening to my Power Affirmations.

  7. The power of concentration and focus. When you read or listen to an audio recording, most of the information goes by so quickly that you don't really have an opportunity to savor and meditate on a specific point in order to extract the full value. The recordings help you to focus your thoughts around the key points so that you are able to firmly plant it into your mind to give it the best opportunity to attract similar thoughts. This allows you to take advantage of the law of sowing and reaping - multiplication. This is a law of nature that you can easily see all around you.

  8. For example, if you plant a single seed of corn, nurture it and care for it, eventually, it will bring forth a plant that has multiple ears of corn on it. And each ear of corn has multiple seeds. In fact, from that one seed of corn, not only are you able to grow enough to eat a portion of it, there is also more than enough to plant more seeds next season. Over a number of seasons of seedtime and harvest, that single seed of corn can lead to a whole field of corn (this is why I say super abundance is a law of nature - the multiplicative process of seedtime and harvest). Think of each thought as a seed. As it grows into maturity, it attracts a number of thoughts of a similar nature. Before long, the mind is saturated with these dominating thoughts. This is why it is so important to protect your mind from any kind of negative influence or thought suggestion. The best way to protect yourself is by continuously planting positive thoughts and nurturing them. And learning to recognize negative thoughts and avoiding them.

  9. With agriculture, there is a definite season for seed time and harvest that operates like clockwork. You can't plant a seed of corn and come back the next day to reap the harvest. The great thing about sowing positive seeds of thought is that there is no set time for the harvest to come. While time is a factor, there are other steps you can take to accelerate your progress - such as concentration.

Well, that's all that I have time for now. I'm sure if I thought about it, there's a lot more I could say. But that's because this has been my area of focus for a long time - really ever since I first read "Think And Grow Rich" back in the late 70s. What is really important is that you get started immediately. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to know everything about affirmations before you will start to receive the benefits. Start with just listening daily and going through the RAP process. RAP will help you measure your personal progress. Be patient. Allow yourself to grow. Remember, seedtime and harvest. The harvest will come soon enough, but only if you sow the seeds and nurture them. It can come faster than you may currently think is possible - it's all up to you.

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall - All rights reserved.

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