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Improve Your Thought Habits - by Bill Marshall

Here is a great Power Affirmation for improving your thoughts:

"My thought habits are improving everyday."

What do I consider important about this Power Affirmation?

  1. Thought - Thought is supreme. Everything I do begins with one or more thoughts. What is a thought? That's a complex question, but here is a generally simple answer. A thought is an internal representation of one or more of our five senses. It's often what we say to ourselves (internal auditory representation), but it's also a memory or imagination of a visualization, smell, taste, and feel. The key to remember here is that it is internal as opposed to external. It can be something that pops into our head without our control or it can be something that we consciously stimulate.

  2. Habits - Habits are repetitive by nature. Thoughts that become a habit are thoughts that tend to happen automatically without our realizing it - our unconscious or subconscious thoughts. For example, we all habitually think in terms of our own language. I think in English. It's a lifelong habit. It is such a strong habit that I don't even think about it. In the same way, we all have words within our own language that we habitually use. These naturally lead to certain thought habits. One of the goals of power affirmations is to improve your thoughts by improving the words and thoughts that you habitually (through repetition) introduce into your mind.

  3. Improving - I believe and follow the principle of constant and never-ending improvement. This includes improving my habitual thoughts. I do this by regularly examining and choosing the thoughts (the internal representations) I want to think about on a regular basis.

  4. Everyday. I believe that we are improving, growing, increasing, getting better, everyday. In today's world, just to keep pace with the rapid rate of change, you have to keep growing to some degree. If you not moving forward fast enough, you will find yourself falling behind. So, not only do you need keep improving just to stay even, you have to improve everyday if you want to have any hope of getting ahead or achieving meaningful success.

Here's the Power Affirmation again:

My thought habits are improving everyday.

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall - All rights reserved.

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