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You Have Greatness Right Within You - by Asara Lovejoy

We have a new President, and a new hope. We have the opportunity now to take a fresh look at our personal economy. The economy is going up and down, (with a lot of down), and each of us is reviewing where we are in our emotional and financial circumstances. These times are the opportunity for making deep and effective changes within us, as outside circumstances reflect chaotic changes around us.

It is safe to say, from what is happening in our world, that our emotional and financial security cannot depend on outside circumstances. This gives us the opportunity to revisit the greatest security and power available, that intelligence that is right within us.

It may be a new or unusual idea to say that our brains, the cells of our bodies and our DNA itself, have all the answers we would ever need to be emotionally and financially secure. We are finding that in fact this is so.

There are some basic presuppositions that explain how it is possible to go into the subtle field of your intelligence, and while there gather direct knowledge, bring into your body at the cellular level and thereby create a secure, rich, fun and peaceful life. Money and cash are invited to participate - and show up too.

Here are some of the basic foundation pieces of this great knowledge:

  • There is a vital energy field that permeates all thought and space in the form of potential and is the essential un-manifested field from which we create physical matter. I call this Source state.

  • Reality is undefined and open-ended in its unlimited potential, and we can create in any direction.
  • We hold immortal ideas and ancient wisdom within our DNA and adapt to the physical world by our perception.
  • We choose from the wave of open-ended potential, discrete particles of thought and consciousness (our perception), that we then freeze into an idea - a belief that we define as our reality - and we only attract experiences to us that verify what we have created. We also repel those experiences that do not match that choice of our reality.

Some of our "frozen" beliefs would say that the down turned economy has wrecked our investments, our retirement, our current financial good and it looks hopeless for the future. If you were to say that this is only an idea rather than the truth then you might hear the argument back - no this in fact is reality.

But now we come to that amazing place where I say - "but reality is yours for the making."

The agreement that causes distress is the one formed in partnership with outside circumstances rather than only our inside open-ended potential. Outside circumstances always change - therefore in the simplest terms, it is crazy to believe what we have been told about how to be emotionally and financially secure; to simply follow an outside model - to work hard, save, invest, and that will equal security.

Let's switch that to an inside model where we discover the intelligent, powerful, creative, problem solving, money generating, security producing Self that resides right within us. And then we see what we can create Now.

Jack Schwarz, the brilliant humanitarian, educator, philosopher, naturopath and internationally known authority on voluntary controls in human energy systems, said, "Inherent in every problem is a solution but we become so associated with the problem that the solution can not arrive."

Having the distinct honor of studying for over 6 years with Jack, I learned to voluntarily attain specific brainwave states, going into theta at will. From this state I was able to control pain, lower blood pressure, and create different emotional states. I could also release painful memories and replace them with joy and peace. Many years later, after travelling through a temporary Dark Night of the Soul, I found in theta, a way to reach my dreams.

I learned to go to a level of theta where you can unfreeze old limited perception of what is possible. While in this act of creation, you bring a greater solution to your own secure emotional and financial Now, and open the potential that is yours. It may look similar to what the outside world suggests is reality, and it may look entirely different.

The biggest secret to this way of living is to become unidentified with the opinion of yourself that has been superimposed on you by the outside world. If the outside world has drummed it into you that your financial success means you are a good person, then financial reversal means you are not.

If you take another position - a neutral position of no judgment about your circumstances - that you are amazing, viable, loveable, and perfect under any set of circumstances I guarantee that you'll be more flexible - open to more opportunity and willing to go forward in new ways to create your good life - the one that is just right for you.

Going to theta in a focused way makes it possible to stop the outside influence of the monkey mind in the moment and lets you naturally and easily reclaim your birthright of greatness. And the best part is that you don't have to go anywhere to find it - you all ready have it.

You can learn how to reach the best next adventure of your life as you discover the amazing ways you can own your greater intelligence and to operate in the subtle fields of consciousness that are right within you in your theta, delta and alpha brain waves, the cells of your body, your biology and neurology.

I'll meet you on the journey.

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