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Traditional Witchcraft: Magic Across The Ages - by Adrian Eglinton

Across the ages, the magical practices of British Traditional Witchcraft, or "Trad Witchcraft" have been as important to the Trad Witch as breathing air. Magic is seen as simply another aspect of Nature, an added dimension of spiritual religious existence. Trad Witchcraft is the old form of historic witchcraft and is not Wicca, which was created in the 1950's.

The British Traditional Witch has always been highly spiritual. We view the first cause, or "God", as the universal consciousness that is manifest in everything that surrounds us. In essence, Nature is the first cause, or "God". Thus, Nature is seen as sacred. It is Nature that is divine.

Magic is nothing more than the utilization of the forces of Nature, forces of the first cause, of "God", in altering or changing present reality to suit the goals intended by the Traditional Witch. Thus, magical spellwork is, when directed correctly, a divine act, a variant form of prayer, which fosters positive change for the individual, their family, community, and for the planet. It is a conscious act of change, of creative building. It can be used for any of the following positive purposes:

  • For personal growth and transformation.
  • To protect themselves and their family.
  • To improve their life and the lives of their family.
  • To heal themselves and to heal others.
  • To aid in reaching a set goal.
  • To remove barriers and impediments.
  • To create openings or opportunities.

Spellcraft can be a meaningful force for good in our lives, if we are willing to learn how to use it correctly. Magical results are never coincidence. Magic is based on the belief that Nature proceeds in an orderly sequence of events, and these events can be known. With this information, one can control or manipulate the energy surrounding these events in such a way as to effect and alter outcome.

Magic, to most people, seems rather mysterious, something strange and supernatural. Nevertheless, magic is something quite different. Magic is within the realm of Nature, and effects human existence in both the spiritual and physical levels.

The spellcraft of traditional Magic is particularly effective because the Trad Witch is trained in the use of techniques that empower magic. While these techniques are commonly thought of as Asian, they go back in use in Britain for over a thousand years, if not longer. The terms commonly used for these techniques today, "meditation" and "visualization," may not be the same terms used back then but their names do not matter. The substance of what is taught does.

A final point: Traditional Witches subscribe to an ancient principle of ethical conduct called the Law of Return. This is a principle found in physics, which states that every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, every Trad Witch knows that when an action is taken or a magical spell is sent, the energy of that action or spell will eventually return to the sender. What goes around, comes around.

Adrian Eglinton is a writer, author, and practitioner of witchcraft for over 27 years. He is dedicated to the spread of the natural and eternal truths of this most precious spiritual path and light the way for others. Get a FREE mini course on traditional magic plus the Manor Journal newsletter! Sign up now and start to learn about the mysterious secrets of traditional magic! Click here