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You Can Excel In Anything If You Can Get Past Discouragement - by Daniel N Brown

So many people allow their circumstances to dictate how they feel about themselves and what they can accomplish. The truth is, you can achieve your goals and dreams if you really want to bad enough. It's more about desire than anything else.

People who accomplish what they want in life do so by not allowing their emotions to get in their way. They don't allow themselves to ever believe that they're not capable of something. Therefore, they achieve what they set out to do with a fiery passion. They are literally fueled by a burning desire backed up with strong belief.

The real secret to excellence in doing anything, or becoming something, is having a burning desire and strong belief that will cause you to be consistent and persistent in the things that will contribute to success.

In fact, the real secret behind success concerning anything is usually nothing more than consistency and persistency. If you're not consistent and persistent in the things that matter, you have to ask yourself, "How great is my desire, and do I really believe I can actually have it?" It really all comes down to your faith. Your faith has to be strong enough to get you past that huge obstacle known as discouragement.

Negative emotions, especially discouragement, are the greatest barriers to overcome when attempting to excel in anything. When you're not reading enough of the Scriptures, when you're struggling to do those things you know you should be doing to move forward, and when people are telling you that you're not going to make it, that's when you're faith is tested!

The bottom line is, you can excel in your chosen field if you really want to. It's not a question of whether or not you're able, it's a question of how bad do you want it.

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