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Everyday Self-Hypnosis - How to Use Your Daily Routine to Change Your Life - by Forbes Robbins Blair

Abe Lincoln apparently said, "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four sharpening the axe." I believe my approach is a different way to incorporate self hypnosis. I meld the power of autosuggestion with the symbolism of daily tasks to get results easier and just as effectively. That's what you need to spend most of your time sharpening.

You're just missing out on a huge opportunity for self-improvement by not taking your daily simple chores and applying the symbolism of applied psychology to change your habits.

Here's a good way to start to understand what I mean. When you consider conventional hypnosis or self hypnosis, you probably just think about closing your eyes and entering a deep trance. Good. But you're leaving out those trances you enter into each and every day which are called "natural trances". They can be used to promote powerful personal growth when repeated through the various and multiple daily tasks you perform.

Natural trances are a kind of hypnosis you experience in daily life. You slip into and out of them while performing common chores like cooking, cleaning or driving. You tend to go on automatic as your brainwaves slow down into what is called the "alpha state". You can take advantage of these natural trances as you go about your everyday routines.

Self-Talk And Goal-Setting - Powerful Tools For Self-Growth

Dr Shad Helmstetter, PhD, one of the founders of modern personal life coaching and author of thirteen books on personal programming and goal-setting, said this in his ground-breaking classic, "What To Say When You Talk To Your Self":

"My objective all along has been to find the real solution to self-improvement - to separate the practical from the not-so-practical, and find out what works for real people."

He encouraged people to ask themselves the right questions first. He'd thoroughly researched that there was real value when you apply daily positive self-talk to find your direction, stay motivated, and move forward.

My twist on that concept combines aspects of the science and art of self hypnosis with Jungian symbolisms, and then shows how you can apply those lessons to everyday tasks.

How I Discovered It

I began using natural trances to improve my physical and emotional health one morning a few years ago. It started like any other morning: I was taking my usual morning shower. I was becoming very relaxed as the warm water passed over my body. My mind was drifting off very pleasantly. But instead of just humming or reflecting in that private moment, I carried out an experiment.

Little did I know I was about to stumble upon a way to take that simple experience, apply its symbolism, and then rearrange it into a personal meditation that would help me reach my life goals. So, with this "simple" idea, my life began to change very positively over the coming months.

Achieving Everyday Self Hypnosis, Step By Step

  1. Attach the correct symbol to the task. I asked myself the question of what kind of symbolism showering or bathing carried. The answer was cleansing. Then I thought about how I could create a kind of autosuggestive mantra.

  2. Create an appropriate auto-suggestion phrase. I'd repeat that out loud three times with emotion, "I cleanse myself of all accumulated anger, fear and self-doubt." I imagined that the symbolic form those negative emotions took became like dirt leaving my body and going down the drain. Taking that shower had become a symbolic ritual for cleansing my inner self!

  3. Do this on a daily basis for as long as it takes to see a positive change in myself. At first, I barely noticed anything. But after several days of repeating this everyday self-hypnosis I noticed my mood brightening and my thoughts turning much more positively toward how to get what I needed and wanted in my life. It seemed that the natural trance state together with the power of everyday self-suggestions were really paying off.

  4. Create a list of task/symbols/suggestions to cover your most common daily tasks. Here are just two examples (of many): Ironing my dress shirts became a way to use natural trance to "iron out the wrinkles in my relationships". Driving to the farmer's market became a way to work on "driving myself to greater success."

It's an easy method to create self-empowerment.

There's nothing complicated about the technique. Here's how you can start to incorporate it too:

  • Select an ordinary activity
  • Recognize its underlying or symbolic meaning as it applies to your life
  • Create a beneficial suggestion to accompany that activity
  • Recite the suggestion three times as you initiate the task
  • Await the positive life changes you want.

You can choose among several activities you perform on any day. If you follow the rules of the technique, after about a week you'll start to notice genuine change start to manifest in your thoughts, emotions, actions - and then behaviors. (For stubborn habits I suggest that you stick with this new system for at least three weeks.)

It's a powerful technique for busy people.

I'm a very busy person and you might be as well. You might not have enough time to use the traditional closed-eyes methods of self hypnosis.

Everyday self hypnosis allows you to use natural trances during the things you have to do each day (brushing your teeth, walking the dog, etc.) to get the benefits without interrupting your life.

Everyday life tasks turn into powerful opportunities for personal transformation. The combination of natural trance, suggestion and the symbols found in your daily tasks makes a strong impression on the subconscious mind.

Generic affirmations cannot compare.

At last people who've tried to improve their results with the Law of Attraction have more pieces of the puzzle. Forbes Robbins Blair uses his knowledge of self-hypnosis auto-suggestion techniques and his longtime interest in the Law of Attraction symbolism to create a new e-book and audio program he calls "The Genie Within". Click here