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Are You Preaching Christ Or Christianity? - by Scott Aughtmon

There's a dangerous flaw in the way some of us teach others about Jesus.

It's a subtle thing that you might not even realise you do but it will make a huge impact in the type of Christ followers you see come out of your ministry.

What's the flaw?

The flaw is preaching Christianity instead of Christ!

It's the difference between teaching a system or introducing your students to a person.

It's the difference that makes ALL the difference!

This isn't just some new idea I'm talking about here. In fact, I didn't even come up with the idea!

This quote comes from a book from 1929 called "The Spontaneous Expansion Of The Church" by Roland Allen (pages 68 - 69).

Roland says ... "We speak as if the Gospel and the doctrine, preaching Christ and preaching Christianity, were identical terms. It is impossible to read a page of a missionary magazine or to speak five words about missions without finding out how habitually we do this. But is it really true? Far from it! Christianity, the doctrine, is a system of thought and practice; preaching Christ, the Gospel, is a revelation of a person."

So the question comes down to this ...

Are you preaching more "How Tos" than "Who Tos"?

Ask yourself ...

  • How many of my talks are information about doctrine or "how to" methods?
  • How many point to Jesus as "the way (the method), the truth (facts about life) and the life (the experience of life)"?

Obviously, you're going to teach "how to" talks and you're going to teach doctrine. You'll even do that when you teach about Jesus.

That's not the problem. The problem is if that's the main bulk of what you teach.

Roland says one last thing I want you to see ... "Yet there is a difference and we know it ... but we know it only within narrow limits. We know that in our Christian experience we come into contact with the person of Christ; that is indeed for us the fundamental reality of all realities; it is that which distinguishes us from men of every other religion ... and we can distinguish between that contact with Christ and apprehension of a doctrine. And we know that it is possible to apprehend a doctrine without that contact with Christ. And we know it is possible for one to teach and for another to learn the doctrine, without approaching the person to whom the doctrine refers."

If you're going to have a lasting student ministry, one that sees students continue on in their faith AFTER graduation, then you'll have to point your students to Christ!

Scott Aughtmon is the author "How To Build A Lasting Student Ministry", an ebook that contains interviews with 14 top student ministry leaders. They reveal what they'd do if they had to start all over again ... from scratch. Click here to read the intro.