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On Discovering Your Bliss – by Asoka Selvarajah, Ph.D.

There is something we came here to do and we feel incomplete until we have done it. This is what Joseph Campbell so aptly called “following your bliss”.

Following your bliss simply means living without compromise with regards to all the “Thou shalts” in life. There is a force in your ego consciousness that creates rules of conformity. Like a thermostat keeping the temperature of a room constant, most people have a thermostat keeping them beautifully in tune with the expectations and demands of society. In doing so, they give up their soul and the very purpose for why they manifested in the first place.

Rather than live from a position of fear - concerned exclusively with money, survival or social responsibilities – you instead make your peace of mind and your own integrity your guiding light. Don’t become like the man who said, “I never did a thing I wanted to in my entire life!” Does this sound bizarre? You would be surprised how many people get to the end of their life and concur with this sentiment!

When you follow your bliss, everything is different. Rather than relying on only the visible means of support – money, career, physical health, business contacts – you put yourself in the place where divine forces can assist you in doing what you were meant to do. However, it is only when you can step out in faith, take the risks and chances, totally free of fear, that Providence reaches out to support you.

This is really what being fully human is all about. It is in opposition to opting out of our heritage, in favor of opting into the machine-like conformist society. Living in full contact with the Higher Self IS being fully human, instead of the hugely diminished version we all settle for today. Solitude can do this for us. It can begin to peel away the layers of who we think we are, in order to get to the essence of who we really are.

Why is solitude so vital to the process? The reason is because we live in such an unnatural society. Our ancestors lived in the open, in constant communion with Nature and in spiritual communion with both the visible and invisible world. By contrast, we do the exact opposite. Western society, for all its many benefits, shields us from the direct experience of dynamic vital life that our ancestors once knew. Muscles that were once tight and strong from the rigors of daily existence must now be toned through regular aerobics or multi-gym workouts instead. The "fight or flight" response, instead of firing up your adrenal system in preparation for seeking escape from a tiger, is now used to become fired up with rage about your boss or noisy neighbors instead.

In the past, we had no need to make special visits to places of natural beauty or “get in tune with Nature”. We were already an open circuit to the reality that surrounded us. Each of us was an inseparable interactive part with Nature and the spiritual realm simultaneously.

Solitude allows us to escape from this highly synthetic society; so out of sorts with our basic life cycles and inner needs. By regularly putting it to rest for a little while each day, you create a sacred space. It is vital for each person who really desires progress to create this sacred space into which only they can enter. It is not done to strengthen your individuality, since this is itself illusory. The reason you need regular solitude is to allow a place for the incubation of the new birth upon which you are laboring. It is a fundamental principle of the universe that time and solitude are essential to incubate a new creation.

In the darkness of the womb, each of us was formed quietly. The universe itself burst into being from the infinitely fertile void of silent emptiness. A caterpillar retreats into the solitude of a chrysalis and then literally dissolves into a liquid mess before slowly reforming over time into a beautiful new creation. The caterpillar/butterfly analogy is an excellent one for our contemplation. Just like that caterpillar, we too seek to be transformed into something that bears no resemblance whatsoever to what we were before. Nothing from the past has any contribution to make to the new. A mystery must occur and one that defies explanation. Our part is not to rationalize, explain or study in order to achieve. We must simply let ourselves be transformed from above.

This is also the mystical meaning of virgin birth, as mentioned in the New Testament with reference to Jesus. Virgin birth also existed in preexisting mythology throughout the pagan world. The motif is common and refers in each case to the same thing. What we give birth to, through submitting ourselves to the process of transformation, has no father. In other words, it is totally new. There is no seed of preexisting human experience. The new creation requires nothing more from us than that we simply make the space and time for it. It is virgin born; born from above, from the wholly other, through divine intervention.

When we are quiet and let the impressions of the day fade away, we create that incubation space for spiritual reality to emerge within us. There is no set time in which the change will occur. This is obvious. What is required is a sincere commitment to the process.

Copyright 2005 Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is an active author/researcher on personal development and esoteric spirituality. Asoka's work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth and find joy in their true soul's purpose.

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