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Reasons People Fail At Lucid Dreaming - Truth And Significance Of Reality Checks - by Abhishek Agarwal

The theory of lucid dreaming sounds simple and fantastic; yet few people can have lucid dreams while the majority doesn't even remember their dreams.

Learning how to have a lucid dream is quite simple. You don't need to have a set of special skills or costly devices in order to have a lucid dream. You only need to be able to sleep, which is something that comes naturally to everybody. Still, many people fail at lucid dreaming. What could be the reasons for this?

The world is full of information about lucid dreaming. You only have to search the Internet to prove the truth of this statement. There are hundreds of techniques to induce a lucid dream; if one doesn't work for you, you can always try another. So, it isn't lack of information or techniques of inducing lucid dreams that is responsible for so many people failing at lucid dreaming.

The actual reasons are different ... and absurdly simple.

Most people don't quite understand the concept of "reality checks". To have a lucid dream, you should be able to perform a reality check every now and then. This helps you determine if you are dreaming or experiencing something in real.

Many people think that performing a reality check means asking themselves if they are dreaming or awake. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. The idea of performing reality checks is to train the self to be more aware, to pay full attention to what is going on.

Most people go through life in a half conscious or totally unconscious state. They perform their daily activities lost in their own thoughts. They hardly register what is going on around them, simply because it is all so mundane. The purpose of conducting a reality check is to train the mind to live in the moment, to be fully aware of the present, and to be present.

The key to enjoy a lucid dream is to effectively perform reality checks. Learn the true purpose of a reality check. The purpose is not to check whether you are dreaming or awake. It is to train your mind to be aware and alert always. Most people cannot have a lucid dream because they cannot understand the significance of reality checks. They give up in despair because they fail in their very first step - performing reality checks.

So, be alert! Live in the present moment! Pay attention to the present moment! Don't get lost in thoughts!

Pay attention to your dreams ... this will help you recall your dreams better and create a better dream journal.

Watch yourself as you drift off to sleep ... you will soon be able to have that lucid dream.

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