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Lucid Dreaming Benefits - 4 Way Directed Dreaming Transforms Your Life - by Abhishek Agarwal

A person experiencing a lucid dream need not necessarily be able to control the events of his/her dream. In fact, there are several layers of lucid dreaming, beginning from a lucid dream in which you are simply aware that you are dreaming and ending with a lucid dream in which you can control even the minutest detail of your dream. Directed dreaming is nothing but a lucid dream in which your conscious mind is in full control, and you are able to customize the events, places, things, and people in your dream, as per your desires.

How can lucid dreaming transform your life?

Lucid dreaming can be life transforming in several ways.

First, you can do whatever you like in your lucid dreams - all the things you cannot do in real life. You can fly, satisfy suppressed desires, have sex with anybody you please, and many more. Directed dreaming enables you to experience anything without bothering about the consequences. On earth, you will have to face the consequences of almost every one of your actions. In directed dreaming, you can do anything you please, and you won't be bothered by the results of your action.

Second, you can get rid of those nightmares that bother you so much. When you are fully aware that you are dreaming, when you have the ability to change the events of your dream, you can easily transform your nightmare into something pleasant. Sometimes, just being aware that your experience is a dream, and not real, diminishes the terrifying quality of that dream.

Third, studies have revealed that the activity of the human brain is the same during both dreaming and waking states. You can use the dreaming state in order to rehearse real life incidents. For example, if you wish to become a great musician or a public speaker, you can practice in your dreams. You will find that this enhances your real life performance. Alternatively, you can use lucid dreaming to gain creative inspiration and solve problems.

Fourth, you can use lucid dreaming to heal yourself of your medical condition. Use directed dreaming to speed up your recovery.

Anybody can easily learn directed or lucid dreaming. The first step to learning lucid dreaming is to develop the ability to remember your dreams perfectly. Once you are able to recall the minutest details of your dream, you will find that have enhanced your power to induce lucid dreams at will.

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