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Life And Afterlife - Contradictory Views On Astral Subjects Explained - by Abhishek Agarwal

In the course of studying astral projection and lucid dreaming or any other astral subject, you might have come across several contradictory views and wondered which of them might be correct. Before continuing further, you must realize that experiences such as astral projection and lucid dreaming must be understood at a personal level. Moreover, the world is now so overloaded with myriad religions, belief systems, philosophies, and so on that it is quite natural to have several different ways of expounding or dealing with the same topics.

You, the student, ought to choose the best one for you. After all, astral projection and lucid dreaming are processes that have been observed and studied from times immemorial. Although there are different ways to explain them, the experience itself has several common denominators. In other words, people all over the world project the same way and have the same method of having lucid dreams.

Changing Astral Planes

Of course, the astral planes have been described in myriad ways. If you have never visited the astral plane consciously, you might wonder what the astral plane "really" is like. In fact, the astral plane looks different to different people. That's because your experiences in the astral depend upon your personal beliefs. If you find it difficult to believe any description of the astral, you can just ignore it. The astral planes, after all, are shaped as per your thought systems. Your belief systems are the glasses through which you perceive the astral. If you change your belief system, you will find that the astral planes have changed as per your beliefs.

Why Science Cannot Help

Science, unfortunately, cannot help you out. That's because science doesn't study from within; it perceives from without. Psychology can help you better; however, the only one who can help you best is yourself. To understand the dimensions of the soul, you have to study them from the depths of your self.

You cannot attempt to understand the astral on the basis of physical laws or earthly limitations. You simply cannot do on earth the things that you do in your astral body on the astral planes. Similarly, you cannot take your scientific devices to the astral planes with the hope of conducting experiments and reaching conclusions there.

Subjectivity Is The Key To Understanding

Observing objectively simply doesn't work in the astral realm, where each and every one of your thoughts gets materialized in no time. As soon as you step onto the astral plane, you will meet the contents of your skull - the materialized version of your thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies.

Besides, people have brief and spontaneous astral experiences, and they believe to be true what they have seen. For example, you might see hell if you believe in it, and then you might claim what you have seen to be the absolute truth. This need not be the truth for a person who doesn't believe in hell. What's more, if you change your belief patterns about hell, you might find that it has ceased to exist for you.

People who have had astral experiences might also not remember their experience in all its details. They might forget vital aspects of it or they might ignore certain details of it because it doesn't conform to their thought patterns. They might also modify their experiences on the basis of their beliefs.

If you want to study these topics, you must first have an open mind. Learn to question your own beliefs and change them. Life is flexible and changes rapidly as per the way your perceive it and as per the way you think.

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